This section is dedicated to all our clients. It is not just a list of excellent collaborations, but rather the proof of H-57 peculiar positioning.


Due to the special creative service we offer, we are able to collaborate with traditional companies and clients, but also with design studios and even with other advertising agencies. This is because we believe that, in every specific situation in which creativity is required, there can be sinergies among different professionals to attain excellent and effective results.


Basically, for H-57 competitors do not exist. There are, on the contrary, a lot of potential collaborations, and the more they are, the more the final result can be really surprising.


H-57, in addition, would also like to strongly express its opposition to the practice of unpaid pitches and his commitment to abolish it, at least in a future perspective. Creativity, according to H-57, has a value, and to defend it, any process that involves creativity must striclty adhere to professional ethics.


Above all, anyway, H-57 will always act with absolute respect for work, to achieve top quality in every project.