H-57 works as an advertising agency, a design studio and an experimental laboratory as well. H-57 mainly consists of a 3 member team who had initially worked in important agencies serving national and international clients.

The team realised various campaigns on TV, press, radio, web and other means of communication wich are more or less conventional. The experience was satisfactory and rewarding. Now the team decided to go on doing the same job.
In other words they continue to search for solid and creative ideas but adopting a much more funcional structure/method.

This is due to the fact that they believe in their job and find it lovely. Nowadays one should be fast and versatile to avoid wastage of time and resources.
Opting for H-57, one would work with a well prepared team who could handle and take care of every detail, handing over a final and complete product.

The team’s philosophy is based an a no frills policy which aims at spending less time for meetings and dedicate for energy for concrete facts.
The main scope of H-57 is to secure optimum results.